Monday, March 1
Chester-le-Street, UK


‘A Game of Two Halves’

Chester Town  Blues v
Chester Town Whites 
Under 8s The Derby Cup Match
The First of many..
The day had come, Derby Day….
What would the footballing gods have in store for us🤔
A strong icy wind greeted us at Moor Park Muga, the sunshine bravely coming to our rescue. 
The conditions would be tricky for all the players as the super Zephyr blasted us West to East.. 
The Whites having advantage the first half, what could they do with it🤔
The World’s press had arrived after much hype, Mayor Joe Burlison and Captain Craig ‘Mazzinator’ Marron were in attendance and eager to see the clash of the titans. 
Mr Sebastian Cornelius Paulinho Burlison
Kindly had turned down refereeing The Famous Madrid derby match instead of The Cestrian clash.. 
 all in attendance respected the 65years footballing experience that The QC of Chester Town had under his belt.😉
The whistle blew, screeching above the howling wind and cheering masses, all clinging onto the cage of The Muga. 
The Blues started off confidently with several attacks in the first 3 minutes, 
But The Whites were having none of it..
The Whites- James De Gea appeared in goal for The Whites, the younger brother of the Man United colossus, and the better Keeper out of the two, in my honest opinion 🤔
 JD was imperious today and had a great game, making some fantastic saves from all angles! A Clean sheet in the first half bolstered his defence and earned him a well deserved man of the match from his Peers🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
(Well Done James😉)
The Whites-Adam ‘The Rock’ Couldn’t be moved all day, he was strong as an Ox and used his guns to muscle all and sundry off the ball….  anything incoming at the back was dealt with. 
He  played the ball forward a number of times to create chances for The Whites and was a thorn in The Blues side all day long… 
The Whites: Tulli-Messi began his weaving, mesmerising skills… 
It was an easy game, the ball attached by an invisible thread…. 
and throughout the first half of the game he rounded players, finding his team mates, creating chances. 
15 minutes of stale mate, and it looked certain to be 0-0…
But The Mini-Messi was about to make a ‘check mate’ move which would be a dagger thru the heart of The Blues, as he went 1 on 1 with The Brickwall and buried the shot into the bottom corner. 
Euphoric scenes for The Whites and a well deserved lead after some great tackling and passing. 
Patience had paid off and shown The Blues what determination can do for your team. 
Zac ‘The Wall’ stood firm from the back….A great clean sheet in the first half was the catalyst for a strong 2nd half performance, whilst defending with a big heart he never panicked, despite often being under pressure from The Blues. 
Joe ‘pocket pincher’ denied a few chances for The Blues, never shying away from the confrontation.
He  kept going under constant pressure and always looked to win the ball back, Gold Dust that lad. 
Anesu ‘The Tornado’ Played great in centre midfield  today and constantly showed his attributes, a true team player…
Always dropping back to help out his defenders but pushing forward to help the strikers. 
He was Unlucky not to have scored a goal or 2 today.. The Brickwall was in awesome form between The Blues sticks. 
Honour ‘ the whirlwind’ 
Nothing was stopping honour today, 
she played to her strengths and didn’t disappoint when tackling.
Taking challenges well, she didn’t give up at any point whilst on the pitch, 
And made some great runs showing desire for the win, never giving in! 
Fronaldo stepped onto the hallowed turf for only his 2nd game ever in a Chester shirt….
he proved all his worth today, 
Creating chances and making it difficult for the Blues to push up the pitch.
He stood his ground in the middle of the park and was Unlucky not to have notched one when the pinball bounced around in the box from a corner,
but it was a great start for his Chester playing days! 
Half time came and The Blues had the blues and were shell shocked at 1-0.. 
it was time to regroup. 
The Whites were obviously the happier out of the two teams after a steady start.
The second half started with The Blues showing a strong intention to get back on level terms. 
The Hitman was shadowing the dangerous attacks and runs from The Whites, he had contracts out on them all. 
But before we could say, ‘one man to the ball’
We had 3 Blues tackling each other for the ball on the half way line, leaving The Mini-Messi to round The stranded Brickwall and 2-0, a very professional finish from the young Messi. 
The Blues looked beaten… 
Desolate. Frightened. Shocked. 
These are the times you look into your Soul and find out what you are made of…
The Yassinator stepped up and said enough is enough, strolling thru the defence he smashed a great effort into The Whites goal, giving The Blues a lifeline finally…  2-1. 
The Hammer was passing and tackling like a rejuvenated player….
Yass was upended and allowed The powerful foot of The Hammer to smash a shot into the box, as it rebounded from a Whites defender The Hitman Shot inches passed the post. 
The Avenger made a push into The Whites defensive area, passing simply to The Duffydonna who finished the move with an equally simple yet effective 
side foot into the goal and 2-2, 
The Blues were back to parity once more. 
It was getting exciting 😳
It was more ThunderDome than playing at Home… did we need another hero!?🤔
No… as I could see 10 of them 😌
The Avenger ran down the left wing and lifted the ball over the midfielder and ran onto it like The Ronaldo of Old, as if playing for Inter Milan at the San Siro, Italy. 
And who said ‘The’ Pep talk doesn’t work,👊 as Pep Sharpiola directed an uplifting rhetoric containing the secret Rubrics for springing the trap, unleashing The Kraken and waking The Beast… 
my secrets will go to the grave with me🤔
Alright then.. alright then… 🤨
You muscled it out of me🙄
It was simply ‘yer coming off in 2 minutes Ben unless you wake up lad!’ 
And with that The Beast ran through brick walls, around players and slotted with a boomer of a goal and 3-2!
Wow what a warm very special moment,
As if my own son had turned to me and retorted with a single digit, 
‘in ya face Dad!!’ 🤣🤣
The Avenger saw his chance, tired of close shots of the post, great saves and ‘unlucky mate’ 🤨
he careered down the right wing and executed what can only be described as a Trigonometry Shot… 
Hawkings would have been proud, 
I mean I can re-sight Pi to 32 trillion places, but no way on Earth could I or Maximus have slotted from there man.. 😳
That tight right angle was impossible!!
The Avenger slotted into the far corner of The Whites goal, leaving gasps from the crowd and faces of incredulity on the touch lines… 
4-2 and breathing space.
Cece ‘nowts a bother’ Tobin 
showed Great team work today from the off…
she came on like a bull in a china shop, the quintessential ball of energy 💪
110% no less no more….
Cece helped her team ride the storm, getting into all the challenges and tackling without thought of her own safety, retaining the ball and creating confidence within The Whites. 
The Hoover was defending as though his life depended on it, tackling and shepherding the counterattacking Whites away from The Blues box. 
The Hammer passed like an old pro, 
Tackled unshakeably and foraged with shots at goal, what else could we want..
Nothing man, absolutely nothing😉
The Beast had awakened alright, his tackling had taken on a gladiatorial quality, even The Hitman was doffing his cap, as The Beast ran through on a marauding, carefree run finished with a howitzer into the top corner and 5-2. 
Captain Avenger then appeared in the perfect position, as The Duffydonna selected square-triangle-circle and 2 taps of the right button to send a FIFA-esque corner directly onto the foot of The Avenger at top speed and 6-2. 
It was one way traffic, the wind helping the Blues motor onwards. 
The Duffydonna thought, that’s enough!
I’m getting in there for my second of the match, as he plowed his way thru the White’s defences, his confidence riding high after dribbling into the box and finishing with aplomb 7-2. 
The Brickwall had little to do in the second half, but his distribution was excellent, whilst keeping his concentration during less active moments in the game. 
The 2nd half clean sheet was most pleasing after the barrage of shots he had to deal with in the 1st half.. He was MOM due to his great contributions generally. 
Both Teams showed the best of Chester Town youth football today… 
Respect for each other-
Courageous and Battling displays-
Grit and Determination- 
Skill and steel-
Awareness of an injured player-
Acceptance of defeat and victory-
All the coaches were proud today,
The White’s really brought it.
The Blues were on the ropes for the first 30minutes but then showed character to fight back into the match. 
A Great game for the Neutral observer, a bloody nightmare for Coaches and Parents 😳😳😳😳😳
Captain Maz presented The Derby Cup Trophy to The Avenger and The Blues roared with appreciation! 
Til next time, 6 months has been touted..
Watch this space folks!

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