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Chester-le-Street, UK



Chester Town v Birtley Town

29th March 2019
The papers, the internet were full of it, 
You couldn’t move for folk talking about it……
we had waited all year for this day😳
The House of Parliament were full of it, and The Public were frothing at the bit 
Because of It!! 
Brexit WTF!!?? No man!! 
It was Friday Night Frolics at Moor Park,  And It was Football Derby Night! 
A barmy sunny Cestrian evening awaited us….  or so we thought 😳
It was a clear sky, Baltic written on the cards and a brave night for the Cestrian Hordes to venture out..
7.30pm in the paradisiacal Cestrian Colloseum, rammed and heaving with the Pantheon of North East Gentry.
We could sense the Football season reaching its climactic End…..
like watching a Season of Kiefer Sutherland on ‘24’, 
edge of ya seat stuff exhilarating, action packed,  X rated at times, with more twists and turns you could shake a Chubby Checker at!! 
The Mazzinator was missing again, banned for a Second game due to 78 infractions throughout the month, I mean the year..  
he had been solely responsible for keeping The NHS wards full over the quiet months🤣
A fact I think he was quietly proud of🤔
A full attendance Moor Park was buzzing.. 
Old and young abound.
Ryan ‘Olympian’ Anstey was rapturously applauded onto the pitch with a guard of honour for his Gold Medal win at The Special Olympics- Football.. 
a fantastic achievement, and raucously received by The proud Cestrian Faithful.
The Whistle blew and it was game on!! 
The master craftsman of the footballing highest Order Pattinson received the ball out of play and showed some silky skills that only one can dream of possessing… 
raffle ticket sales man 
Conjuror of the dark arts🤔
I’ll let you decide.
Unfortunately for Chester Town that was the highlight of the night as we succumbed  to a 1-0 defeat to a much better Birtley team.
They closed us down well, and moved better on the ball, had more desire and showed more ideas. 
The crowds were distracted by talk of Wildey’s nasty fall in the woods last week, beckoning the burning question…
If a Wildey falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does he make a sound??😳
We were not at our best, The Cestrians will return bigger and better next week,
Keep the faith Bretheren. 

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