Sunday, February 28
Chester-le-Street, UK


Defending Champions in 9 goal thriller

Chester le Street v Brandon

The Ernest Armstrong Cup

7.30pm ticked around quickly…
Moor Park was buzzing with a full attendance crowd…
Pitch black on the walk in, my iPhone torch offered some blessed relief as I danced like Michael Flatley around the pot holes..
the Trees were raining leaves and The Chester Town lights had a twinkle in their eye, like they knew something special was coming our way🤔
Chester were dominant from the off…
The Ball Whisperer tapped in assuredly after Scotty smashed one off the post…1-0
Captain Walker guided a bullet header from the back post making it 2-0….
 Danny Hepplewhite tucked another away with the 3rd goal after a beauty of a corner…  cruising now and
Hailes tweaked something and the injury was enough to remove him from the hallowed turf….
Very worrying for The Chester Faithful😳
Praying for a Swift recovery Mr H🙏
Nearly half time and looking good, but what was this???
Brandon snook one back😱
The 1st half finished 3-1
Surely enough for us to see off Brandon🤔
A penetrating Throw in from Jai gave us a chance to force a gap through the Brandon defences….
Scotty turned, dribbled and ‘Megged the keeper like a professional Croquet player!
Absolutely Tremendous and 4-1….
Megran tackled like a man possessed
He was The Freddie Krueger of the midfield, terrorising folk left right and centre…
Even out of the water nobody was safe from The Meg… 😌
The sound of boot leather on shin,
the impact of studs on flesh
and the shout of ‘man down!’ was palpable…
 with The Meg around we needed life guards not linesmen!
Jai crossed in a beauty,
Like a professional frisbee free styler
He managed to hover the ball around the 6 yard box with some fizz on it….
Joe chased back with vitriolic passion and set about a great tackle,
I say great tackle….🤔
best tackle of the game by unanimous verdict of the lads within earshot..
Clean, incisive and fair… ruined the pitch like🤣
But bizarrely he was penalised for it? 😱
But then oh no??
A goal Conceded and 4-2 from the resulting free kick…. nervous times😫
 Michael Hepplewhite then crafted a lovely cross, finding The Great Scot,
who stepped up,
shimmied those snake hips,
mesmerised the defence and slotted easily,
great touch man and 5-2….
The Scotty show continued with another whippet like run on the right, the ball
Over ran fractionally and boom the tackle came in like….
well I was singing Miley Cyrus’s wrecking ball by then,  an absolute bloody ball buster man!!
Brandon pressure soon began to move into gear, like a pack of wolves on the hunt,  but The Cestrians absorbed it with aplomb and made some decisive tackles.
Phil was shouting aggressively at the ref ‘How many’s that Ref??’
The Cummings patience had warn thin due To numerous adventurous challenges that had been received by The Chester lads.
Alan’s little sarcastic voice from the trees whispered ‘it was the 4th tackle..’
Phil wasn’t happy🤣
Scotty surged into the box as if ready to break the goal in two,
A tap in surely, but H.Houdini ‘s last ditch challenge in defence for Brandon managed to extricate the ball over the bar from a great Robson cross, Unbelievable Jeff! 🙄
Joe then hit a magnificent curling ball sprayed out to the right side wing….
creating a good attacking forage into enemy territory….
The ball was now hoofed towards our own goal, and was picked up by a Brandonite who hit a Worldie into the top corner and 5-3 what a screamer, absolutely Unstoppable Jeff.
Scotty had great control and trapped the ball like he was training a dog at Crufts to sit and behave itself….
A thumping shot ensued
But the keeper made a great save😉
Michael Hepplewhite made a great tackle in midfield to break up yet another attack,
But before you could say thank God for that, it was 5-4 after some less than clever defending….
Omg it was nervous times, Phil was readying the video for penalties and a live feed… wives were called, dinners put in dogs and News at Ten moved back to 10.30😳
The Candy Man Candlish came in with a great booming tackle, it was 50-50
But broke the Brandon chap clean in two!
And again The Candy Man smashed the same lad into the ground in a strong but fair tackle….
At this rate The groundsmen would have to rake the pitch for limbs as well as turf🤨
The Whisperer or man of steel as we shall call him Took a nut cruncher in the box ooff!
Didn’t even flinch😳
I would have been counting them.
the Brandon midfielder had impressed Phil with his play but 5minutes later embarrassingly the lad was kicking fresh air like a Morris dancer!
Nice interplay from chester, but Brandon then got another dangerous free kick…
Batten down the hatches man!!
The 17th Brandon shot towards goal and Alan said it was passed the post by half a yard, but It was an inch away!!! He’d obviously had a few beers at half time instead of serving them🤨
5-4 the whistle blew to great relief
Through to the next round🙌🙌
Neil Paparazzi declared he was close to soiling his undergarments😳
Yep, That’s how exciting Moor Park gets!!
The lovely ladies in the club house looked after the hungry punters…
Gold Dust those girls.
I can recommend the tremendous steak pies, don’t tell my missus 😳
Bring on Saturday!! 3pm Moor Park 😔

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