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Easy Fundraising

As you may know we have partnered with Easy Fundraising which helps us to raise extra funds for the club via donations from shopping online.

At this point you maybe thinking ‘hold on, aren’t you already doing this with Give as You Live?’. Well, yes, we are but as I have actually used both sites to raise funds for the football club and I have to say that Easy Fundraising is, well it’s very easy to use. Don’t worry, the actual donation isn’t coming from yourself.

I am going to show you just how easy it is to register and use Easy Fundraising when doing online shopping.

(I’m sure that Shirley Crabtree (Big Daddy) would say that it is ‘Easy, Easy’ to use).

To register go to, where it say’s ‘Search for a cause’ just simply type in Chester le Street Town FC, you will notice that as your typing the search engine automatically tries to find the correct cause.

Now click search or just select the club from the list.

You will then be taken to a brief description of the club and on the right-hand side options to join up to support the cause.

If you are on Facebook then you could just click on the Facebook link but for this purpose I’ll go through the ‘Sign up with Email’ option.

Just simply fill in the fields required then click on create my account.

As I am already fully registered, I’m going to show you one of the best features that I discovered with this site compared to the others.

 When you are logged in you should see this message.

Just simply click on ‘Get the Donation Reminder – it’s free’. You will then be taken to a further screen with another button to click that says ‘Add the Donation Reminder’ N.b. If you use different browsers when shopping online you will need to add this to each browser.

 Just follow the onscreen instructions, I now have the reminder on Microsoft Edge and also Mozilla Firefox. You will know when it is installed and activated because at the top right-hand side for your browser you will see this icon:

Quite simply, when you visit an online shopping website you will receive a pop up that will ask if you want to activate the donation for that site in case you go ahead and buy something. You will get this every time you visit the site but it is generally better than the actions that you need to do for Give as You Live.

For that site and no doubt others you have to search for the online shopping website via the Give as You Live site then click on the link on their webpage in order to activate the donation. Whereas Easy Fundraising is just clicking the activate button. 

Below I have gone to the Argos website and straight away I got the activate button:

If you forget to press the button or maybe at first you think you wont buy anything just ‘browse’ and then decide ‘yeah I want to buy a new football for my son/daughter/grandson/granddaughter so that they can practise their footballing skills when they aren’t training or playing for the Chester le Street Town Youth Team’. Then just simply click that little icon button that is in the top right-hand side of the web browser.

Below is a brief list of some of the online shops and the percentage of donation from them.

Online Shop  Up to %
Groupon 6.50%
TopShop 6.00% 1.50%
Marks & Spencer 3.00%
Next 1.50%
Debenhams 2.50%
Clarks 5.00%
Go Outdoors 3.00%
Jack Wills 4.00%
Living Social 11.00%
Argos 0.75%
Apple 1.00%
Expedia 6.00%
Boots 2.50%
Currys 1.50%
Wilko 2.00%
Wex Photographic 1.50% 4.00%
Staples 6.00%
JJD Sports 3.00%
Decathlon 2.00%


 Some companies that are classed as providers tend to donate money instead of percentages below is a brief table of some of these providers.

Company Up to £
U Switch £15.00
Sky £42.50
BT Broadband £52.50
EDF Energy £25.00
SSE Energy £23.00


The cash donations will have to be viewed on the website for an individual breakdown of how much cash is donated per item. Below are some of the different donations from Sky.

Sky Broadband Fibre Max (new) £42.50
Sky Broadband Unlimited (new) £37.50
TV Premium Attachment New (Cinema)  £10.00
TV Premium Upgrade (All Sports) £10.00
TV Product Upgrade (Sky Q Multiscreen) £5.00


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope that it is of some help, if you have any questions please leave a comment and either myself or someone else from the club will reply.



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