Monday, March 1
Chester-le-Street, UK


Happy Birthday Mr Chairman

Joe ‘The Legend’ Burlison

JB, that’s his name
Chester Town, now that’s his game
From morning ‘til night
He’s The Cestrian Might! 💪

Chairman Joe is his name
Don’t want glory, don’t want fame
A legend to his kin 🙌
Just wants Chester FC to win🙏

Mr Burlison’s his name
Should be Sir! not just plain 🤔
His only thoughts are for his club
And hopefully a brand new pub 😀

The Honourable Burlison is his name
A life of giving since he came
His hands are rough from dedication
His belly full of Federation 🤣

Mayor of Chester, should be his name
A man respected throughout his reign
His years of work are seen thru time
A man so youthful, in his prime😉

3 score years and Ten,
So far back I can’t remember when🤣
The stands they chant
‘surely not!?’

‘Joe Burlison man,
we owe a lot!’ 😌

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