Monday, March 1
Chester-le-Street, UK


Tow F-law-ed

Chester le Street v Tow Law

The 100 years Remembrance Weekend
10th Nov 2018
‘I am a single poppy
growing in a field
Watching soldiers fight
Thinking war will never yield
I am a sad poppy
Watching people fight
Soldiers wounded by day
Soldier dead by night
I am a lonely poppy
Looking for a friend
Sitting in that deserted field
Loneliness will never end
I am an unhappy poppy
About to fade away
Hoping people will remember
The story on this day’
(Dan Burlison)
Grandson of  Lord Joe Burlison
2 minutes silence….

‘They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.’
(Laurence Binyon)
The silence was deafening,
and the two minutes perfectly respected…
then The whistle of ref and then the roar of the huge crowd!!!
The wintery grey sky synonymous with The Great North East of England
greeted us once again…
Chester started the game hopeful of 3 points, but with a growing injury list we feared the honeymoon period would be short lived.
The Mazzinator put in a great block against a power shot which would have scared the goal somewhat had it made it through The Talisman….
That set the tone for the first half,
It was gonna be a battle,
Not one where ‘Life and Death’ were the norm,  but nevertheless a battle.
Jack made some great left wing runs,
To me it was confusion of the highest order….
 here he was sprinting and leaping like a  ‘spring lamb’ and we were here in November for God sake🤔
Captain Maz took a great free Kick,
 it was as if Ronaldinho had turned Scottish, grown a beard and lived without sun for the last 30 years in England…
(Brazil v England 2002)
I was transported back to Shizuoka immediately.

The keeper off the line, an over struck kick with the defence scrambling like wild hyenas, but alas no euphoria….
the ball sailed fractionally over the bar. 😳 and breathe….
Then King took a heavy heed butt to the C2 spinal column and was rewarded with a free kick….
The Mazzinator hit another gorgeous free kick into the box, served it up on a plate like a Caesars Kitchen Kebab Special,
but nobody reacted.. chance gone,
Would Chester regret these missed opportunities 🤔
Scotty put in a great tackle and let Tow Law know in no uncertain terms he was up for it, but again it went against us🙄
Jack showed great feet,
feet I’ve not seen move so well since Fred Astaire hit the boards, such finesse and speed into the box and bosh a corner won!
A powerful Header from Mr King
Went begging Just over the top…
The crowd ooohhh’d and ahhhh’d like the backing singers to a particularly average Bee Gees tribute act,
Was it gonna be Saturday Night Fever
or a tragedy waiting to happen🤔
Scotty again chested down and ran for his life.. whilst Walker hit a great ball with precision  out  to the wing, Chester were pushing and probing looking for angles to get into the Tow Law box….
The Mazzinator had obviously been sent back in time to make grown Tow Lawrian men cry….
a chase, and a slide rule perfection tackle
Ensued, as he retrieved the ball like a hunting dog, have some of that lad!
Dixon got stuck in and nailed a great defensive header, Then Lyon won the resulting foul very intelligently….
waited for the crunch to come in,
body then ball…
thank you very much😔
Then a nice surprise for the Chester crowd as Cam appeared,
disguised on his diamanté crutches and gold plated baseball cap….
He was standing next to me shouting the team on as enthusiastically as any of us…
that clearly showed me the tremendous strength of support and sense of personal dedication to his team mates you can see here at Chester…
Big respect Cam😌
The Chester Faithful salute you🙌
Bad boy Dixon had a good talking to by the ref after some passionate play from the lad..
he was safe as houses man, the ref had forgotten his cards 🤣
Jack got a nice Spanish archer in the heed (elbow) and nothing for his trouble!!
Scotty continued to make good right side runs and passes into the box,
pressure was starting to build on the Tow Lawrians…. they dug deep in the trenches and repelled all Chester attacks.
At one point in the game Jack was being kicked more times than the bloody ball….
 but he got on with it like the pro that he is😌
The Mazzinator slid a perfect 30 yard ball into Jack who’s well timed run asked the question of the defence,
The answer soon came with a great tackle from Tow Law.
Steavans The Keeper was calm and resolute, and made several assured catches, one off the bouncing bomb
that snook its way through us…
Then a War cry from a Great Big Tow Law Gob!! Omg it was immense, as he closed down one of the Chester defenders….
totally unexpected, but very funny to all gathered there nonetheless😂
I thought The Last of The Tow Law Mohicans had come onto the pitch🤔
Scotty shot with a  powerful determination in the box,
but a great save denied the Cestrian,
we were unlucky not to be ahead.
A Corner from The Mazzinator was
pin point, but rebounded out to him again….  the gods were being kind at last,
his 2nd ball in was Even better!!
But alas no goal….
Captain Maz then bravely took an awkward looking midfield ball and headed it as it rose 6 feet from the ground,
All he got was a Tow Law boot to the heed for his troubles…😱
The Hardman Jock just shrugged it off as mere Bagatelle my la’ad 😳
Steavans made a great save off a dangerous corner, giving Chester great defensive confidence.
The Mazzinator was like a mighty beast at the western front out post….
Head Butting Like a billy goat!
nowt getting thru that man.
Scotty was taken down again and a free kick ensued….
The Candy Man Candlish went close in the box, but frustratingly it stayed 0-0.
Half time and the tasty pies were calling us like the ghostly spirit of Ginsters…
The Golden Girls in the clubhouse poured out the Elixir of Life and provided the pastry sustenance all men crave…
Ronnie Honeyball was nowhere to be seen, usually he is on a stealth mission for free sandwiches near the pool table 🤨
I was hoping to hear his personal recollections of the First World War🤔
So I resigned myself to the 0-0 as I was comforted by the knowledge that
451-455 had come out in the raffle.
Big Craig kindly rewarded me with a crisp tenner which he took back immediately in the form of Footy Card donations 🤣
The Lord giveth and The Lord Taketh away…
A bit like our transfers and injury list to be honest…🙄
The 2nd half started with Chester on the front foot….
The Great Scott won a free kick early on,
Chester pressure was established  as a vice like grip once more…
The Candy Man’s header was so close to lifting the goal hungry masses to their feet, but alas no goal.
Dixon took an elbow to the heed,
Wow that looked Ouch!
What no card ref??😳
Steavans was assured with everything that came his way…. top lad!
And again he saved with confidence off the line, then the ball was blocked on the rebound shot by a Chester defender oooh Close…  clean sheet still in tact though.
Captain Maz Crossed in a lovely ball with some stink on it and The Candyman rose like Nureyev doing a pirouette in Swan Lake,
and then Proceeded to tap it with a touch of a master craftsman, oooohh just passed the post!
The experienced Hepplewhite moved through the gears and down the wing, great pass to Scotty and a corner well won.
The Candyman wanted glory,
Rose like a salmon moving up stream to mate and whallop!! over the bar into no mans land.
Frustration began to build.
Palpable tension was evident amongst the Chester brethren…
Then the moment we had dreaded arrived….
A ball in our box, a leg dangled towards the ball, no contact, a beautifully executed dive and a penalty given
1-0 down…
Chester Town chinned like a championship heavyweight with a sucker punch..
The floodgates opened and before I could say ‘mine’s a pint of’
We were 2-0 down after a run thru on goal, Steavans Bravely threw himself on the ball, but was unlucky not to clear the danger..
Captain Maz made a brilliant tackle on the left side and then after 75minutes came off For Hendo….
The Mazzinator never lost the ball once, phenomenal effort and a great role model this lad in many ways, and not just as a footballer.
I looked at my watch,
Time was ticking away and then I realised It was Midfield hot potato time🙄
It looked more like the Olympic volleyball championships with head and boot and knees the only body parts allowed to elevate the ball🤔
But all of a sudden Tow Law put a foot on it and ran thru to a one on one with the keeper, an assured finish leaving Steavans no chance and 3-0 oh boy….😫
Scotty was released by his own burst of speed as he was smashed down 25 yards from goal…. no card🤔
The Free kick did not breach the wall….
Scotty was up ended for the 17th time and Without any cards being produced
The Pinball in the box game began…
King was felled and took down…
it was a physical encounter, with no protection.
Hepplewhite tackled the ball with a vengeance borne of frustration 25 yards out, he was like a man possessed, his eyes on fire as the ball squeezed into a rugby ball shape for a second on impact and then boom a shot just wide!
Then as the final seconds counted down, an awful tackle came in like a Leg breaker on Chester and finally a card was handed out for dangerous play….
had the ref forgotten his cards today🤔??
Ronnie Honeyball wandered up to us looking rather devastated, like a man who’d won a season ticket at Sunderland….
Game over and a disappointing result for a Team flying high in the league..
Ah but that’s football man.
Win, draw or lose we shall be back,
The Chester Faithful are here forever.

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