Sunday, February 28
Chester-le-Street, UK


We need your Support!!!

Chester le Street Town FC have been selected as possible project to receive a grant of up to £25,000 from the Aviva Community Fund as part of the ongoing improvement programme  of Moor Park, specifically for the construction of changing rooms for our 3g pitch that is used by our Mens and Ladies teams, all our Youth teams, walking footballers, disability footballers along with the members of the public who play there too.

We’re now in a critical stage – the voting stage – where Aviva gauge the general community value of a project via a simple voting system. The more votes we receive, the more the project is seen by aviva as adding community value. That in turn maximises our chances of being successful.

Every UK citizen can register and give 10 votes to their chosen project so please if you support the club or your child plays, or played for, Chester le Street Town FC or you just generally want to improve Chester le Street and the facilities that are on offer to its residents PLEASE take the time to register and vote.

Successful projects in the past typically receive between 8000 and 15000 votes, so please don’t think others will do it so I don’t have to. It takes a couple of minutes to do and you can do it via your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Once you are done hitting the share button would also really help to spread the word!

Players, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends, neighbours, colleagues please ask them all to support us. Let’s prove to the world what a united Chester le Street Community can achieve!!!

To register and vote please click this link:

Thank you


  1. Heather Sweeney says:

    Harry really enjoys playing football for his club in Chester le street
    Harry s Nanna Heathet

  2. bev lavender says:

    known Dean Simpson a long long time – puts 100% into teaching these bairns!

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